NU Bandage | FAQ
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Nu Bandage materials are soft, flexible, non-woven and comfortable.
Nu Bandage conforms to your body so seamlessly that you hardly notice it’s there – yet even after you’ve forgotten it, Nu Bandage continues to provide tissue support and a light targeted compression that protects and helps eliminate additional traumas that can be caused by repeated taping and aids in the healing and speeds recovery.

Why do we call it a short and a long?

Short is 50 x 125mm  and Long is 5o x 250mm

2 inches in diameter and 5 or 10 inches in length this material expands up to 4x its original size and conforms to almost any body part.

Why would you use the { Vented }?

The Vented is used best for air-flow and moisture control and helps to reduce swelling while offering support and mobility.

Why would you use the { Solid }?

The Solid is used best for wound covering and protection while bathing or showering.

What are the colours available?

(White) is the only option at this time.

Can Nu Bandage be worn under or over clothing?

Yes, it can be worn under clothing for best results wear directly on the skin work the clothing up and around the bandage (Nu Bandage can be worn over clothing).

How long Can I expect Nu Bandage to last?

Depending on individual use and how long of a period of time the bandage is used per day and how long it is stretched, average Life expectancy 3 to 6 months.

How long can I wear Nu Bandage?

You can wear Nu Bandage as long as it feels comfortable and there is no skin redness or irritation, check the skin periodically for any allergic reactions.

Can I wear Nu Bandage at night?

Use caution when wearing Nu Bandage at night it may roll down or up depending on individual use and may restrict blood flow.

Can Nu Bandage be reused?

Yes, Nu Bandage is reusable and can be hand washed with antimicrobial soap or bleach and rinsed thoroughly and pat dry with a towel.


Keep Nu Bandage at room temperature or store in a ziploc baggie in the fridge or freezer for long life.

When storing Nu BANDAGE keep away from direct sunlight.

Nu Bandage offers a 30 day money back guarantee.