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Medical Compression Sleeves

Nu Bandage is non-absorbent, easy to apply and reusable. It holds dressings, sub-bandages and medical devices of all types in place without the use of sticky tapes, messy adhesives or clumsy fasteners. All while providing a protective, second layer for those with skin sensitivities to pressure or touch.

Made in the USA with FDA approved materials, NuBandage is new technology that saves time saves money and provides improved patient comfort and outcomes.

What makes Nu Bandage different?

Unlike short stretch woven bandages Nu Bandage is a long stretch non- woven silky soft rubbery material that can expand up to 4x its original size and retract and articulates and conforms on the body seamlessly.

Benefits / Features

  • Non-absorbent = Antimicrobial
  • No fasteners = No pressure points
  • No tapes = No skin tears
  • No blood flow restrictions = No trauma
  • Hand washable = Reusable/same patient
  • Grips and holds = Eliminating slippage
  • Interfaces with the wound bed = Keeping dressings in place
  • Available in vented & solid options

Ideal For Treating:

  • Pressure & venous stasis ulcers
  • Diabetic wounds & ulcers
  • Patients who are sensitive to pressure and touch
  • Burns & skin grafts
  • Vascular & sensitive skin issues, especially in senior patients

Patient Benefits Include:

  • Prevention of skin tears
  • Decreased tears vs. conventional bandages
  • Easy access for improved medicine application
  • Excellent airflow
  • Reduced bruising of thin, easily traumatized skin
  • Soft & gentle feel with cooling effects
  • Consistent, even pressure over wounds
  • Fully articulating & contouring for greater patient comfort

Advantages Include:

  • Easy to apply & wear
  • Non-woven, non-absorbent, lightweight & soft
  • Safe, biodegradable & latex free
  • Naturally anti-microbial
  • Hand washable & reusable for same patient.. No buckles, fasteners or tapes

Superior in Results And Cost

Patients having suffered at least one skin tear in the previous 6 months who wore Nu Bandage experienced nearly 40% fewer skin tears versus conventional alternatives. With a total cost savings of over 87%.