NU Bandage | Medical
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NuBandage Medical


Typically, adhesive tape is the means most commonly used to secure wound dressings to a patient. The primary problem associated with this is the fact that significant numbers of patients, particularly the elderly and diabetics have sensitive skin that is damaged by the repeated application and removal of tape during the healing process. This results in a longer, more expensive recovery for these patients, because the tape-related wounds also require treatment. Accordingly, wound care specialists advocate the use of tapless dressing sytem in the treatment of such patients.

Although the medical / surgical binders and wraps currently available to the healthcare industry unquestionably represent a significant advance in wound care management, as a group they also exhibit a variety of shortcomings. These products are not well tolerated by most patients for continuous dressing support.

Nu Bandage is engineered for frontline medical professionals, Nu Bandage offers new technology that is uniquely different from all flat panel wraps with fasteners, Nu Bandage is a tubular device that expands and retracts on multiple body parts and articulate and conforms to the extremities like no other device in wound care today. Nu Bandage is unique in the fact that it can interface with the wound bed keeping medicines in place without shifting or movement of dressings and eliminate additional trauma such as skin tears and pressure points that can cause longer and more expensive recoveries. Nu Bandage is a one piece mold injected tubular device that has no seams, buckles, or fasteners. Nu Bandage is made of a soft and silky rubbery type of material called (TPE) Thermal Plastic Elastomer that is specifically designed and formulated to be antimicrobial, hand washable, sanitizable, and reusable.